Issue 15

Chwilio am oddrychedd yn L'Homme rompu gan Tahar Ben Jelloun (Searching for subjectivity in Tahar Ben Jelloun's L'Homme rompu)

After a brief summary of the recent theoretical context of masculinity studies and the notion of identity, this article will analyze the construction of masculinity in a novel by one of Morocco’s most notable authors, Tahar Ben Jelloun’s L'Homme rompu. It will refer to this theoretical context in order to highlight the full weight of discursive pressures that are exerted on the individual. It will offer an in-depth analysis of masculinity and identity in the novel and, with reference to its unofficial sister-novel, Simone de Beauvoir’s La Femme rompue, will question to what extent the existentialist concepts of individual choice and subjectivity are still valid in the current theoretical climate.


Identity, masculinity, subjectivity, Jelloun, rompu.


Smith, S. (2013), 'Chwilio am oddrychedd yn L'homme rompu gan Tahar Ben Jelloun', Gwerddon, 15, 41-59. 

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