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Dinasyddiaeth, Bwrdd yr Iaith, a marchnata'r Gymraeg (Citizenship, the Welsh Language Board, and marketing the Welsh language)

This paper offers a brief examination of the approach taken by the Welsh Language Board, as the principal language policy and planning body in Wales, to aspects of prestige planning and the Welsh language. It describes how devolution, and the recent, first ever, national review by the Welsh Assembly Government of Welsh language policy, provide the immediate context for the work of the Welsh Language Board. The key policy document resulting from that review, Iaith Pawb, is critically analysed and the relationship to it of prestige planning is identified. The Welsh Language Board’s practice of prestige planning is discussed in relation to the discourses of neo-liberalism and post-colonialism in a way that highlights the Board’s focus on consumers rather than citizens.


The Welsh Language Board, marketing, citizenship, language planning.


Mac Giolla Chríost, D. (2007), 'Dinasyddiaeth, Bwrdd yr Iaith, a marchnata'r Gymraeg', Gwerddon, 1, 43-52. 

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