Issue 6

Hinsawdd hanesyddol: Potensial ffynonellau dogfennol Cymru (Historical climate: The potential of Wales’s documentary sources)

With the uncertainty of climate change, reconstructions from parameteorological and phenological records provide a strong basis for the analysis of past and present climate. However, very little research has been completed on the historical climate of Wales, which is variable throughout the country due to factors such as topography and atmospheric circulation. This is particularly so for west Wales, which has a diverse range of environments from the upland ‘green desert’ to the fertile coastal plains, where an extensive history may potentially be reconstructed from un-tapped documentary resources. The potential is immense as possible sources of meteorological information include all religious, official and personal documentation, which may provide an insight into the relationship between the Welsh and the weather.


Climate change, geography, weather, documents.


Jones, C., et al. (2010), 'Hinsawdd hanesyddol: Potensial ffynonellau dogfennol Cymru', Gwerddon, 6, 34-54. 

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