Issue 18

Seiliau seicolegol darllen yn rhugl: adolygiad (The psychological foundations of reading fluency: a review)

Forty years of research into reading has elucidated many of the psychological processes underpinning the reading process, but until recently, the cognitive underpinnings of fluency have been relatively unknown. In this review, a description is provided of reading fluency as a cognitive and neurobiological phenomenon, including the research that has gone into understanding this process. My own and my colleagues’ work has focused heavily on this area, and I outline our main findings to date. I end by outlining the implications of this work for our understanding of reading fluency in normally developed and dyslexic adults.


Cognition, reading, dyslexia, fluency.


Jones, M. (2014), 'Seiliau seicolegol darllen yn rhugl: adolygiad', Gwerddon, 18, 41-54. 

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