Issue 34

‘Rhaglennu llinol amlamcan i ganfod y tîm Pokémon gorau’ (‘Multi-objective linear programming to find the best Pokémon team’) (2021–23 Gwerddon Award Winner)

This article gives an example of applying operational research techniques
by optimising Pokémon teams. The problem is formulated as a multi-objective linear programming problem, and the Pareto front is found using the PuLP software in Python. The Pareto optimal solutions are compared using a Monte Carlo simulation of Pokémon battles.


This article won the 2023 Gwerddon Award. 


multi-objective linear programming, Pareto front, Monte Carlo simulation, Pokémon, operational research.


Palmer, G. (2022), ‘Rhaglennu llinol amlamcan i ganfod y tîm Pokémon gorau’, Gwerddon, 34, 68–83.

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